The music brain



Camille Roulant

Imagine you are in a world where your speakers are synchronised with your smartphone and play the right music at the right moment. This now becomes possible with the Prizm. Thanks to its algorithm, Prizm makes the link between your playlists, your mood and the time of day. Based on this it suggests your favourite tunes at the right time, as well as new music while allowing you to be detached from your phone. Hence, the more you will use it, the more Prizm will learn the preferences that you and those around you have. This is how it always plays the music which everyone likes.

Meet Prizm, the device which finds the right musical moment for you.
When Prizm plays a song, the users are transported through their common memories. It acts as an instrument of nostalgia along with the lines of the "madeleine de Proust". Music and memories are both timeless and Prizm is the way to connect them. The catchline "Ce morceau c'est nous." or "This tune is us" refers to a personalised music which reflects a fragment of our lives.